FAQ – IndeCollective


1How do you assess candidates?

While IndeCollective members hail from diverse industries, professional disciplines, and stages of the independent journey, they share the following qualities:

  • They are the best at what they do, as demonstrated by their professional track record
  • They have a bigger ambition for their living and lifestyle and are prepared to work to achieve their vision and goals
  • They are action-oriented and will immediately apply lessons learned to grow their businesses
  • They demonstrate a “give-to-get mentality” and will support their peers and act in service of the broader IndeCollective community

2Are there financing options?
Payment for the ten-week launchpad program can either be made in full upon receipt of admission or in two equal installments — upon receipt of admission and at the conclusion of the fourth week of programing.

Payment for the annual membership can either be paid in full upon receipt of admission or in three equal installments — upon receipt of admission, at the conclusion of the fourth week of programing, and at the conclusion of the eighth week of programming.
3Do you have scholarships available?
Our goal is to make IndeCollective accessible to the best independent talent, no matter their situation.

While many eligible applicants are able to fund their own IndeCollective experience, others are not. We’re excited to be able to offer scholarships to participate in IndeCollective’s eight-week launchpad, and have made a budget available to individuals who have been adversely affected by COVID layoffs.

There are no fees to apply so please submit an application to be considered for IndeCollective membership — you’ll have the option to request financial assistance if you receive an offer to join.
4How does the money back guarantee work?
We are pleased to back IndeCollective with a 100% money back guarantee. To qualify, a member must fully participate in the first two weeks of live programming. If you no longer feel that IndeCollective is right for you, send us an email at sam@indecollective.io

We’ll ask you for your completed assignments to confirm you tried the program and we’ll ask what didn’t work, so we can learn and improve. Once we receive your completed assignments, you’ll receive a complete refund.

Please pay attention to the refund deadline. We put significant effort into personalizing this program for every member, so unfortunately, once the second week of the program has passed, we will be unable to offer refunds. Additionally, please pay attention to the refund policy. Because this is a live program with considerable costs involved in its delivery (speakers, community management, etc.), we cannot offer refunds because "plans have changed" or "things have gotten busy." Should something come up and prevent you from participating on the originally planned timeline, we will however make every effort to defer your start date to the next available cohort.
5How do I access IndeCollective events, programming, and content?
IndeCollective events are hosted virtually via Zoom. There are approximately five hours of live programming weekly during the eight week launchpad. Based on your business goals and learning plan, you’ll select which workshops, fireside chats, and cohort meetings to prioritize attending. In addition, you’ll have access to IndeCollective’s core curriculum, which you can access via our members-only app. There you can stream live content, watch pre-recorded lessons, access tearsheets, and track your progress via your personalized IndeCollective workbook.
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