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Value-Based Pricing Workshop

Know Your Worth, So You Can Confidently Raise Your Rates!

Join our free workshop with with on-demand access, and learn how you can close more clients at premium rates and get paid what you're worth.

More about our program

Through IndeCollective -- The Modern MBA, for the Modern Independent Worker -- we help top independent consultants and agency builders to supercharge their businesses. And now, as a friend of the community, we're excited to offer you this free workshop on “Value-Based Pricing -- Knowing Your Worth So You Can Confidently Raise Your Rates!"

The truth is that business is all about value creation. And, through this workshop, you’ll learn how to clearly articulate the value you create -- even quantify it -- so that you can leverage our framework to pitch and close on premium terms. More specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Quantify the impact you have on your client's key metrics leveraging the value estimation framework;
  • Optimize your pricing model -- identifying the ideal pricing structure and level for one of your key services;
  • And then learn how to pitch and close -- so that with greater confidence, you are accruing the right amount of value to you and your business!

Meet your hosts

Josh Neckes

Founder & President, Simon Data

Josh Neckes is an entrepreneur and marketing executive, whose experiences have spanned building his own consulting and agency businesses to co-founding a marketing technology company that has scaled to tens of millions in revenue. Josh is an expert in value-based pricing and productization and coaches IndeCollective members as they price and contract on premium terms.

Sam Lee

Founder & CEO, IndeCollective

Sam Lee is the Founder & CEO of IndeCollective -- The modern MBA for the modern independent worker. Through IndeCollective, Sam and his team provide top independent consultants and agency builders with the practical education, expert mentors, and supportive peers to meaningfully grow their business, while building more balanced lives. Prior to going independent himself, Sam was an executive and commercial leader at WeWork, Goldman Sachs, and AOL.

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